The idea

Data is for sharing - we provide an infrastructure for everyone to reclaim power over data and benefit from their data through analyzation and marketing
The current data economy exceeds $400 billion and is predicted to double their worth until 2026. Every year Big Techs exploit our personal interests, fears, preferences, strengths and weaknesses to create customer profiles or in the worst case scenario political profiles and sell them for billions.
WeDataNation sees the necessity for change. We are convinced that this concept is outdated and no longer fits our modern idea of a self-determined individual. Self-determination and self-consciousness are two of the highest human properties. Our aim is to bring forth this change through creating awareness, empowerment for self-determination and finally - helping people to recognize the value of their data and monetize it.
For this reason, we want to create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), a network of conscious and strong individuals who decide for themselves how to use their personal data and thereby generate passive income as a bonus.
We also provide decentralized encrypted data storage in which personal data is verified and analyzed in multi-dimensional data pools.
WeDataNation is not just a dynamic and blockchain-based project, it is an idea, a vision of a stronger society that has learned to protect certain values and act in the will of a conscious community to strengthen the well-being of its individuals. For more details about our visionary philosophy, please visit us and join the movement.