... there is a solution

Be part of something big!

We have all felt for a long time that things cannot go on as they are. But the problem has been the lack of alternatives. This is now changed - by combining Blockchain, AI, web3 and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), WeDataNation creates the possibility to solve the previously mentioned problems.

1. Become conscious!

"Insight is the first step to improvement" is a german saying and right now its wisdom is revealed. We need to be aware of where we are and where we want to go. Only by understanding our impact on time and the Internet, we can use it. We will help you do that and together we establish a freer future society.

2. Seize control!

After awareness, action comes into play. Become part of the self-determined and free community where everything is possible. Join our nation (WeDataNation DAO) and participate in collective decision making and prevent others from further determining your future. From now on, different rules apply: We will move into the future together and decide how our data will be used and how the revenue in the network will be distributed among the different parties - full transparency.

For example, not only could the nation restrict access to data for non-sustainable companies, it could even decide to give free access to organizations working to make the world a better place, such as science companies whose research aims to fight pollution, poverty or other social problems in order to empower them. The possibilities are endless - and you are part of it!

3. Take what is yours!

And it doesn't stop here. Jump into the data ocean of infinite possibilities and be part of the journey as we create a new society. Take what is rightfully yours and get paid for using your data. Earn passive income by making your data available for algorithmic analysis. Your data is stored decentrally and securely, and only you decide who should have access. Thanks to modern computing techniques, such as Computer-as-a-Service and Compute-to-data it is possible for your data to always remain behind a firewall and analyzed in such a way that no human ever sees or gets their hands on your data. Only the result of the data analysis leaves the firewall - and you get paid fairly for that!

4. Spread the message!

Are you convinced of the countless possibilities that WeDataNation and a free web can create for you? Then tell your friends and family about it. We believe that everyone should have the chance to benefit equally from a liberated data environment, making the world a better place every day!

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