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We see the problem of Big data being stored in silos which are in the hands of big tech players, that on one hand exploit the modern individual and on the other hand are not effective in data usage because of legal complications.

In more detailed implications we see two main key factors that liberated data can unlock:

1. Ethical factor

The business models of big tech are based primarily on one target: consumption. All the data that is collected from us on the Internet and monetized has the goal of creating a picture of our consumption behavior, or in other words: to reduce us to consumers. For us, a free and individual data landscape also means being able to realize ourselves on the Internet the way we want to. To achieve this, we see two essential steps:

  1. We create information and awareness about what our identity looks like on the Internet, what the Internet and the algorithms know about us.

  2. We want to create a positive internet atmosphere in which others no longer tell us who we are, but everyone decides for themselves what their internet avatar should look like. We stand for self-determination and self-confidence - especially online!

2. Monetary factor

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the currently hyped technologies in today's data landscape, shaping our desires and ideas of a freer society. With the increased demand for data - and qualitative data at that, everyone can contribute. Extensive data already exists - but unfortunately in the hands of Big Tech, which has neither the capacity nor the legal ability to freely dispose of this data and use it efficiently. Even if these doors were open to them, it remains to be expected that this data would not be used in the interest of the data owners.

Accordingly, we at WeDataNation believe that each of us has an incredible potential of data that we should manage ourselves and monetize in our own interest. We see the potential for far-reaching passive income - and that with data that is already circulating from us on the web anyway!

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